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RDIA to Hire an Executive Director

It’s time. Real Diaper Industry Association is hiring an Executive Director.

Remember those awkward adolescent years? That’s where RDIA is right now.

Nonprofit Lifecycle Stage Adolescence

Nonprofit lifecycles image altered from “Stage-based Nonprofit Lifecycles” by Susan Kenny Stevens.

It turns out, all nonprofits go through this growth phase as they mature. Right now, we have a part-time administrator who helps with membership and programs, but most of the work of RDIA is done by member volunteers—entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who don’t have a lot of time available to grow the organization. We need someone who will be committed to us, strengthening the association every day. We need an Executive Director.

An Executive Director will manage the association, track programs, and make sure that everything members need from their trade association flows smoothly. An Executive Director will guide us through this growth stage and into maturity as an association. It’s time for us to grow for the sake of all of our businesses, and we need a dedicated professional to get there.

The RDIA Executive Director position will be part-time.

RDIA members are donating to the campaign to fund the position for the first year.

Goal: $16,000
Raised so far: $14,800

The proposal to hire an Executive Director required that $12,000 be raised before the hiring process be started. Board members volunteered $14,800 in sponsorships during discussions of the proposal, so that milestone has already been met. A committee has been formed to hire a professional as soon as campaign pledges have been collected.

The Campaign

Donors sponsor new members. Funds will pay the new Executive Director, and new members will benefit from RDIA member programs. The campaign meets two needs at once: organization and growth.

Participate in the campaign.
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