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Announcing the Cloth-Diaper-Friendly Daycare Directory!

Finding good daycare for your children is hard. You want to find one with a similar approach to caring for your child, experience in handling a broad range of children and problems, and staffed by people you trust to take a major role in your child’s daily life. Hearing Marisa L. Tobey, owner of Ready, Set, Go! Learning Center in Portland, Maine talk about using cloth diapers on the children in her care would definitely sway me towards her center. She said,

“Teaching children healthy habits is especially important at the age when they’re learning basic life skills. We teach them to compost, recycle, respect nature, eat healthy and organic/local, grow their own food, conserve water and reduce waste. Using cloth diapers in our daycare center is a huge part of practicing what we teach…and we produce so much less waste than other centers. We’re teaching social responsibility.”

Unfortunately, not all daycare providers see cloth diapers quite this way – yet. The Real Diaper Association and the Real Diaper Industry Association have been working on several related activities to facilitate the use of cloth diapers in daycare. A big step is recognizing that there are a lot of daycare providers already using or accepting cloth diapers. Finding those daycares, though, frequently takes a lot of effort – – until now…

The new Cloth-Diaper-Friendly Daycare Directory is now live and ready for you to use!

While RDA received some tips in their 2007 survey about cloth diapers in daycare, the information is old so we need your help in finding cloth-diaper-friendly daycare providers to include in the directory. This directory is ready to fill a major need that we’ve been hearing about at RDA since our founding. But it is absolutely reliant on the public to populate the data and make it as useful as it can be!!!


  • If your child wears (or wore) cloth diapers in daycare, take a minute to add as much information as you can about that daycare to the directory.
  • If you know someone who uses cloth diapers in daycare, go to the directory and click on the Share links at the bottom of the page to send an email or Facebook message to that person asking them to contribute information to the directory.
  • If you are a daycare provider who accepts children in cloth diapers – or, better, PROVIDES cloth diapers for the children in your care – BY ALL MEANS, add your information to this directory!
  • If you own a diaper service proving cloth diapers to a local daycare provider(s), add their information to the directory, or share the link with them ( so they can add themselves.
  • If you are merely sympathetic to the cause of cloth diapers in daycare, share the link to the directory ( in any way you can.

If you’re looking for a daycare in your area that accepts your cloth diapers and nothing appears in the directory for your area (yet), the joint RDA/RDIA project team published a tip sheet for parents about how to ensure a caretakers’ acceptance and use of cloth diapers for a child in their care. Hopefully, it will result in acceptance of your cloth diapers, and you’ll be able to soon return to the directory to add your provider!

Heather McNamara
Executive Director, Real Diaper Association (Associate Member)
Chair, RDA/RDIA Cloth Diapers in Daycare Project

Cross-posted with RDA.

Diaper Service Info Site

The diaper service committee of the RDIA has been hard at work developing the content for the Cloth Diaper Service Info section, the newest component of the RDIA website.

  • We are happy to announce that the eagerly anticipated Find a Diaper Service page is live with all the members in the diaper service category of the RDIA listed. Already, over 1,000 consumers looking for a diaper service have been directed to this URL, and it is proving to be the most viewed and requested page within the RDIA site.
  • The second most popular page in the new diaper service section is the How To Start a Diaper Service Business of your own. We’ve been averaging several inquiries each week with over 100 inquiries since the site went live.
  • There is also consumer information available in the Why a Diaper Service section. We are hoping this will encourage inquiries to consider the benefits of using a diaper service.

Although websites are a work in progress, and the Cloth Diaper Service Info section is certainly no exception, the diaper service committee is pleased with this accomplishment and gearing up for the next goals that the diaper service membership identified during the 2009 annual meeting, including:

  • the development of laundry standards,
  • a marketing plan, and
  • the development of a kit addressing how to start a diaper service business of your own.

As always, we are looking for eager volunteers to join our committees and bring their expertise to the table regarding these topics. If you are from a diaper service, please consider volunteering. If you believe the adage, you get out of something what you put into it, then we’ll have 100% participation within our diaper service membership! To volunteer, contact committee chairs or write to info at realdiaperindustry dot org.

Diaper Service Business Committee Volunteers have been:

Judy Aagard (Tiny Tots Diaper Service & Baby Boutique)
Jennifer Moore Temple (Buzzie Bee Diapers)
Peter Allen (Do Good Diapers)
Dennis Frederick (All Together Diaper)
Lori Taylor (Fuzbaby and Firefly Diapers)

Tips for getting your cloth diapers into daycare

For our family, finding a daycare provider willing to use cloth diapers on our baby would be an absolute requirement. Any reasonable daycare provider would either accept our diapers without question or be willing to learn to use them even if they had never seen them before. If they were not reasonable on this matter, I would be concerned about how well we’d work together and about whether they would respect our parenting decisions on other matters as well.

Having said that, I haven’t used daycare for my children, so when it came time to put together recommendations for the many parents who contact us about information to use in daycare selection conversations, the best sources were the moms who had done it. The Real Diaper Association (RDA) conducted a survey on the use of cloth diapers in daycare facilities. We received over 250 detailed responses. The responders were largely parents who had talked with daycare providers about their willingness to use cloth diapers on their children while caring for them. We culled the best advice they had, and came up with this tip sheet for using reusable cloth diapers in daycare.

The tip sheet includes practical advice about finding a daycare provider and talking with them about cloth diapers, and specific options you could consider to make it work for both of you. It also has links for parents to inform themselves about state daycare regulations and about proper sanitation practices for changing diapers in a daycare facility.

This tip sheet represents the first step in a joint project by volunteers from RDA (Real Diaper Association) and RDIA (Real Diaper Industry Association). Follow ongoing efforts to facilitate the use of cloth diapers in daycare at the RDA website or on this blog. Many thanks go to Ann Maclean, Northern Virginia Real Diaper Circle Leader, and RDA volunteers Angie Gregory and Ada Vaughan for all the work they did in putting it together.

Heather McNamara
Executive Director, Real Diaper Association
Chair, RDA/RDIA joint committee on Cloth Diapers in Daycare

Cloth Diapers in Daycare cross-posted at Real Diaper Events, the Real Diaper Association blog.

RDIA Detergent Determinator – Up and Running!

Detergent DeterminatorWe are so excited to announce the launch of a great new online cloth diaper detergent search tool from the Real Diaper Industry Association that will help make it even easier to figure out your diaper washing routine – the Detergent Determinator!

It’s a nifty tool that lets you find out which detergents contain what, and it was created especially to make things easier for cloth diapering folks!

Browse Detergents by Name

Here’s how it works. First, go to the Detergent Determinator page. Then:

  1. Type in the name of the detergent you want information about
  2. Click Submit
  3. And voila! You can see if that detergent contains enzymes, brighteners, dyes, fragrance, or fabric softeners. Then, you can compare that result to whatever your diaper manufacturer suggests avoiding.

Browse detergents by characteristic

Or you can also browse by detergent characteristics using the Detergent Determinator:

  1. Check the additives you want to find or avoid
  2. Choose any other filters you’d like (HE certified, liquid, Canadian availability etc)
  3. Click Submit
  4. And bam! Couldn’t be easier. Now you have a list of detergents fitting your criteria.

The important part is to always check what your diaper manufacturer recommends, and avoid any additives or ingredients that they prohibit.

So, enjoy! It’s easy, and chock full of information.

A few notes on the RDIA and detergents in general

Please keep in mind that this is only a reference tool and detergent manufacturers often change ingredients without informing the public (or us!). Additionally, detergents react differently based on many factors including quantity of detergent, quantity of water, and water hardness. If your baby ever develops a rash which can not be explained, please consider that it may be the detergent or your wash routine.

Contact the manufacturer of your diapers for advice if you are unsure. They are always willing to help.