Real Diaper Industry Association is a 501(c)(6) trade association advancing, networking, and promoting the cloth diaper industry.

For more about our mission, our members, and our board, see the Real Diaper Industry Association website.

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  1. Hi there people at RDIA,

    thank you very much for the important work you´re doing! I´m a mom who loves cloth diapering her little girl. Also I´m thinking of opening my own diaper service. As I live in Germany, I´m not really sure whether your How-to-start-a-diaper-service-kit will be helpful to me. We don´t really have a history of cloth diaper services in Germany. What do you think? Is the kit only helpful for the American market?

    I´d appreaciate your answer very much!
    Thank you,

  2. Hello Constanze,

    Some things in the kit would pertain directly to the US market, however the basic considerations and set up would be applicable to any diaper service business set up.

    The kit covers such things as: history of diaper services, tools to determine market potential in your area, ideas for diversification, best practices for laundry sanitation, operational guidelines for business management and chart of accounts, suppliers to the industry. The supplier list would not be applicable in Germany, although you could use the list as a guideline for the types of companies you would need to connect with in your country.

    Good luck on your venture!

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