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Accredited Diaper Service

Based on feedback we have received from our diaper service members, we have changed the fee structure of our diaper service accreditation program. Starting July 1, 2015 RDIA members who would like to participate in the Diaper Service Accreditation program can choose from a variety of pricing and testing options. We are excited about these improvements, and we think you will be too.

• Laboratory verification that your laundry adheres to the highest standard of cleanliness
• Use of RDIA’s official Accreditation seal on all marketing and promotional materials
• Regular monitoring of washing parameters enables you to quickly detect and solve problems before they cause   customer dissatisfaction
• Confirmation of the effectiveness of your wash formula
• Assures your customers that your service safely sanitizes all products to protect infant health.

Participation in RDIA’s Diaper Service Accreditation program provides your business with an additional level of quality assurance that you can proudly display and promote to all of your customers. RDIA contracts with a leading, independent, national laboratory to provide rigorous, quantifiable, micro-biological testing of laundered diapers and diapering accessories of participating businesses.

Each sample product is examined for the presence of bacteria and fungi and scored based upon the identified levels of bacteria present. In order to pass the sanitation test, businesses must maintain a sanitation score of 85 or better and there must be no disease causing pathogens present on their laundered diaper sample.

Diaper Service Accreditation Fee Structure
Standard Option:
Annual payment of $250, with 2 included laboratory tests (one sample submitted at 6 month intervals)

Monthly Installment Plan:
Automated payment plan of $25/month, with 2 included laboratory tests. (one sample submitted at 6 month intervals)

Already testing?
Annual fee of $150
If your diaper service is already testing diapers regularly with a different laboratory, and you would like to be recognized as an RDIA Accredited Diaper Service, we have created a plan just for you. RDIA will now accept copies of two bi-annual laboratory tests. Independent laboratory tests must be submitted for review to RDIA’s accreditation program administrator, along with all required documents.

Laboratory testing without Accreditation recognition:
$45 per individual test
We now offer the ability to send a sample in for testing at any time during the year. This can be useful for newly opened diaper services that wish to test and hone their laundering protocols during their initial business setup. Individual testing options can also benefit established diaper services any time changes are made to laundering formulas and procedures. All RDIA Diaper Service members are able to take advantage of the single testing option, whenever they desire the additional security that stringent laboratory testing provides. As a best practice, we encourage all diaper services to perform regular sanitation testing on their finished products.

Additional pathogen identification testing:
$30 additional, per request
If a sample tests positive for the presence of disease causing pathogens, you can request a detailed analysis of the bacteria present to determine the exact type of disease causing pathogen. This additional test can provide you with important information that will assist you in removing the offending microorganism from your laundry, and ensure that you use the correct disinfecting methods for the particular pathogen.

For more information on our Accreditation Program, please contact Michelle Dominguez, programs@realdiaperindustry.org

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