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Leah Carter ran for a Manufacturer seat on the RDIA board of directors during the first election in 2009. CPSIA had dawned on all of us in the cloth diaper industry during that year, and Leah did great work as the Chair of the Legal Committee to help members understand what the new law meant for them. Once she was elected to the board of directors, the directors elected her Chair of the association for the 2009-2010 year. In the two and a half years since her election, Leah has continued to serve on the board of directors until January. After 10 years making little beetle organic cloth diapers and wool diaper covers, Leah has closed Better for Babies. She has left the board of directors but has agreed to continue to help, particularly with the Legal Committee, as long as the board continues to ask for her help. 

Leah Carter portrait

The closing of Better for Babies may mark the end of my time as a business owner, for now at least; but it is not the end of my entrepreneurial spirit. Likewise, the end of my term as board member is in no way an end to my interest or investment in the cloth diaper industry.

Saying farewell is a process, and not an easy one. However, the confidence I have in my decisions and the bright collection of memories serve to ease the way forward.

I ran for board right after joining RDIA. I’ve never been one to ‘sort of’ commit. I jump in and pour in all my passion, as well. I wanted to contribute to, and take from, RDIA. I wanted to get to know these remarkable businesses who paved the way for the industry, and I wanted to know the businesses that were just getting started – plus all those in between. I didn’t just want to know them, I wanted to learn from them.

So began my 3 years with RDIA. And, I can say that I walk away having made some of the best relationships imaginable. I have voices to call on when I need inspiration, when I need wisdom, when I need a new and fresh perspective, or just someone to listen. I know people who will be brutally honest, correct my grammar with a ruthless sense of precision, and voices who will remind me of the calmer side to every story.

RDIA is nothing if not filled with passion, and each member directs that passion in a slightly different way. That’s the beauty of it. Where will it go? Forward – navigating with the balance that comes from a framework of shared values. The association is a living, breathing body – being shaped and molded within those values by members, both large and small, who give, inspire, lead, and support.

I’m no longer part of that body, but I hope I’m a part of the spirit!

Leah Carter meets new people at the ABC Expo in Louisville

Leah Carter meets new people at the ABC Expo in Louisville, 2011.


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    Thanks for everything Leah! Your leadership and passion will be missed. You gave so much to this organization and I know your work and efforts are truly appreciated.
    Lisa Carey
    Eco Family, LLC

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